Maryland trio making magnificent indie pop, destined to be big in the music business. I first heard them last summer, with single ‘This Time’, and was captured by the extraordinary power of the striking chorus melody; typically, indie pop songs tend to have a catchy, sing-along chorus, yet the style of ‘This Time’s is far more similar to the drop of an electronic song. Sounds like it might be a bit out of place in this genre, but it works surprisingly well, and this one is still my favourite of theirs. This year, the three-piece have released a self-titled EP, and have been revelling in the sudden success of it – in particular, with ‘Victor’. Unlike ‘This Time’, ‘Victor’ has a distinct chorus, with ballad-like vocals against a modern synth-pop instrumental, and has seized the listening attention of music-lovers around the world, even being included in a Warner Bros movie soundtrack. Other notable songs on the EP include ‘Upswing’, an uplifting marriage of Naomi Almquist’s unique vocals and glittering melodies, and ‘We Are Dreamers’, an undisputed summer anthem. Often likened to MS MR, but to me they sound just like a collaboration between IYES and Lincoln Jesser.


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