Singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, who produces some seriously stunning folk-pop influenced by a whole range of artists, including Kirk Franklin and The Beach Boys, to name a couple. Although she’s been making music for a few years now, her music career is really going to start to kick off in the New Year, with several releases planned including her single ‘Marina del Rey’ – available to pre-order now ( ‘Marina del Rey’ is a short, sweet and simple tune full of escalating harmonies and heartfelt truths, ultimately powered by beautiful piano and vocals, and promises truly great things for her future music. Any UK readers: this is exactly the kind of song you might expect to hear on the John Lewis Christmas adverts.

Lola currently performs in and around LA, and is hoping to have a single release concert there in Room5 sometime soon, so if you’re anywhere nearby, make sure to go check her out live! You can keep updated with further information on this and other events either on her website ( or her Facebook ( – don’t forget to offer some support by dropping her a like!



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