So your first impression right now is, what kind of band name is that? ‘Rainbow Kitten Surprise’? They were my first thoughts too, and whilst the name may give you preconceptions of a mass of colourful cats singing, once you start listening to this North Carolina-based alternative/indie-pop group, these images will immediately dispel as you realise they’re not actually anything like that (thankfully). Their 2013 debut album ‘Seven + Mary’ is home to some of their best tunes, in particular ‘Devil Like Me’ – with exquisite, Febueder-like vocals and a rolling chorus bass that seems to blend in and out of a chorus of low human humming, this song is an odd puzzle of sounds, but altogether a complete one whose beauty is difficult to take in on first listen. ‘First Class’ combines raw folk guitar with an abundantly joyous chorus – similar to Mumford and Sons – and ‘Seven’ takes the best elements of indie pop and indie rock and throws them together, creating one of those vibrant songs that seem to popular on adverts. With their second album ‘RKS’, released last year, comes more awesome tunes, with highlights being ‘Cocaine Jesus’ and ‘American Shoes’. The band take influences from Modest Mouse, Lana Del Rey and Kings of Leon, and so if you wanna hear these channelled beautifully together, look no further.


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