SONG FOR THE WEEKEND – Bratty B by Best Coast

Still not over (and probably never will be) the beauty of Best Coast’s 2010 album ‘Crazy For You’, and so on account of it now being 6 years since the album’s release, let’s re-visit one of the cute, often-overlooked songs from it. Most of the songs on it are pretty short – the total album length is less than half an hour, and it includes 12 songs – but ‘Bratty B’ is especially so, being a minimal 1:43. You might think a song so short couldn’t really be too remarkable, but somehow Best Coast’s sunny guitar and deadpan lyrics here really do make it a hidden gem of the album – as well as being pretty catchy – and a quick listen to it is a fab way to put a bit of psychedelic breeze into your day. If your excuse for not checking out different music is that you don’t have enough time, then I’m afraid that’s not going to work for this one – less than 2 minutes is all you need to experience the sparkly summer vibes of ‘Bratty B’.


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