Just because it may not be the 80s anymore, doesn’t mean we can’t still make music like it is – and Shura, West London-based singer/songwriter/producer, very much proves this. Since releasing her first single, ‘Indecision’, in 2014, she’s gone on to release “2Shy” and “White Light”, and they’re all equally as slow funk-driven. ‘Indecision’ was a massive statement to the world that late 80s/early 90s music was not dead, and that after being freshly updated by Shura, it can work beautifully in the modern world. And since that, she’s continued her own music style in both her following singles, recognisable by the softly sighing vocals and a whole lot of synth. ‘White Light’ takes on more of a clubby feel than the indie ‘2Shy’, and carries an essence of confident mystery similar to Kate Boy. Accompanying these 3 singles are a tonne of remixes – the best being Jungle’s of ‘Indecision’ and Blonde’s of ‘White Light’ – so if there’s an electro side to your music taste, I highly recommend giving them a listen. A fabulous young artist who majestically infuses the sounds of HAIM with that of bands like HONNE, tinted by an era gone.


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