Philadelphia artist whose name may be familiar to you, after her collaboration with The Chainsmokers massive hit ‘Roses’ last year. But, you may not have gone on to listen to her individual stuff, in which case you definitely should. She’s only been on the music scene a year, bursting in with single ‘R U Mine’ last year (nope, not an Arctic Monkeys cover, in case you’re wondering): a vibrant, melodious anthem, with sweepingly strong vocals. This, and the SteLouse remix (which is awesome), garnered her a lot of attention in early 2015, as did her subsequent two singles: the baroque pop ‘In N Out’ and the glamorous ballad ‘Fragile’ – both works of art. Rozes has been described as “falling to earth somewhere amidst the holy trinity of Banks, Lana and Halsey”, which I think fits her and her music very accurately; and so if you like any of those three artists in the ‘holy trinity’, you’re gonna adore Rozes.


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