Dreamy, Daughter-like hymns, from a Bristol-based pair. Male-female duos seem to be doing pretty well in music the past few years – with the mysterious MS MR, electro-pop Broods and the mellow Oh Wonder all making international names for themselves – and now the latest twosome to add to that list may very likely be Meadowlark. Although the majority of their songs are ultimately indie-electro pieces, their pure, acoustic version of ‘Fly’ is what has really grabbed a lot of people’s attention, seemingly becoming an unintentional hit as it wasn’t released individually or anything – just tagged on to the end of the ‘Dual’ EP. And the serendipity of this is perhaps what makes it such a beautiful, special listen. ‘Eyes Wide’, far more conventionally pop in comparison, is still stunning, and really makes you want to just dance across the room (even if you are terrible at it). ‘Paraffin’, their most recent single, is equally incredible. Very impressive stuff coming from these guys!


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