SONG FOR THE WEEKEND – Magnetised (Acoustic) by Tom Odell

So unless you haven’t really taken notice of anything that’s been happening in music the last few months, you will have likely noticed the return of Tom Odell, with the release of his first music since his acclaimed 2013 debut album, ‘Long Way Down’; and with it, a markedly new genre-turn. ‘Long Way Down’ was mainly made up of soulful, beautiful ballads, and now he’s come out with some far more upbeat, pop pieces – ‘Magnetised’, and ‘Wrong Crowd’ – and whilst he undoubtedly suits his new musical approach incredibly well, I have been missing his old piano-pieces. And, like an answer to my wishes, he’s recently released an acoustic version of ‘Magnetised’, and I absolutely love it. Those unmistakeably heartfelt Odell vocals and passionate piano are just as stunningly simplistic as they were in ‘Another Love’ and ‘Can’t Pretend’, and it’s truly special to listen to. Great for a chilled weekend at home.


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