PREMIERE: ‘I Won’t Sleep’ – Niles Rooker Trio

Today is the day of this Nashville-based blues/rock threesome’s debut single, ‘I Won’t Sleep’, and it certainly promises great things for the band’s future. Niles Rooker Trio originated as a duo back in August 2014, with Rooker describing their origins as “just two friends getting together every day to play muddy blues songs and make the neighbor’s lives difficult”, but since then they’ve gained a bassist and begun creating fresh, exciting music filled with bluesy guitar and contagious hooks. Although they released an EP in September of last year, ‘I Won’t Sleep’ is their first single release, and its upbeat grooves filled with positive vibes that make it pretty much impossible not to be completely enjoyable to listen to. After performing ‘Beach Talk’ for Balcony TV, the trio have really started to see their music career kick off, and they’ve been performing a tonne of original tracks in Nashville hotspots – well worth checking out if you fancy a 50s/60s version of The Black Keys.


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