I first discovered this Brisbane artist on Soundcloud, by hearing an excellent Felix Cartal remix of her song ‘Heartburn’, and then went on to her Soundcloud to hear what her originals were like. And I was not to be disappointed – ‘Heartburn’ itself is enchanting, with mellow piano, intricate beats, and stunning vocals sweeping over all of it. I had thought the small, electro vocal sample had been developed for the remix, but it turns out it subtly surrounds the chorus in the original song too – a nice touch that surprisingly adds a lot to the overall sound. ‘Heartburn’ features alongside some of her other tunes on her debut EP from last year, ‘XXIX’, with ‘The Raid’ and ‘Fading Through’ being particularly good ones. Wafia has also gained further recognition through a couple of collaborations: ‘Window Seat’ with Thomston, and ‘Breathe In’ with Japanese Wallpaper – her voice is really one of those that seem to melt perfectly into almost any genre. Her own style could somewhat be classed as a female Mansionair, with the exquisite ambience of her music.


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