SONG FOR THE WEEKEND – All For One by The Stone Roses

Unless you’ve been paying 0 attention at all to music for the past few months, then you’d probably have noticed that the one and only Stone Roses are back – with sell-out headline shows and festival appearances lined up, and most recently their first new single release since 1995. I think most of us were probably tuned into the radio at 8pm on the 12th May ready for the first play of ‘All For One’ – for many of us, the first Roses song to be released in our lifetimes – and at first, there seemed to be an air of disappointment on social media. I, for one, didn’t think much of the song on first listen. But after a couple more listens, I really started to feel the magic of the Stone Roses, and I think most other listeners did too: ‘All For One’ proved that the band still have all their trademarks – Ian Brown’s unmistakable vocals, lemon-themed artwork and Mani’s genius basslines. And now, it’s pretty much become a daily listen for the fans, as we wait in anticipation for any further Roses announcements. If anyone’s got tickets to their shows, they are gonna be unreal.


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