PREMIERE: ‘Crooked Orchards’ – Darling Valley

Darling Valley, a very talented folk-rock quartet out of New York, are releasing their new full-length album ‘Crooked Orchards’ today, and we are very excited to be introducing it to you! Full of quaint melodies and endearing vocals, it really makes for a special listen. The record begins with ‘Who You Hold On To’; which is a really wonderful introduction to their music, and has a certain uplifting, anthemic feel to it, despite some parts being gentle and more mellow. Sets the bar high for the rest of the album, which they do not disappoint with at all – from the marriage of country and indie-pop elements in ‘Graces’, to the  joyous ‘Widows and Revolutionaries’, and the reflective ‘Monsters’, Darling Valley seem to include hints of every emotion and musical technique on this record, making it well worth a full listen. Each song is entirely unique! ‘Crooked Orchards’ is neatly concluded with ‘Half Your Life’, a song whose lingering guitar will keep in your mind for a while after listening. Fans of The Lumineers must be sure to listen!


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