London four-piece who you may remember from our previous ‘Song for the Weekend’ feature on their eclectic, lush single ‘Seafood’, from early last year. They’ve released a couple of fresh new psych-pop tunes since then, both of which are infused with the most contagiously fun vibes that instantly lift your spirits. The heavy, dance beats of ‘Flora’s chorus combined with intricate sounds and samples make it sound almost kind of disjointed, yet eccentrically groovy, and the subtle reggae elements of ‘Soft Like Clay’ demonstrate just how diverse this band’s world sound is. And in case you never got the chance to listen to ‘Seafood’, we described before how its ‘lush synths, variety in percussion and animal-like yelps build up an intriguing mosaic of sound….completely unique despite giving you the warm, joyous feeling of being reunited with something you’re familiar with’. Beautiful new band whose music you’ll love if you’re a fan of TV Girl, Vampire Weekend or Only Real.


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