Sound of 2017: Eloïse

Kicking off this month’s special feature ‘Sound of 2017’, we have a very young and very talented singer/songwriter to introduce you to.

Despite being only 18 years old and studying A-Levels, Eloïse has already managed to release two really quite exceptional singles, with likely more planned for this upcoming year. Her debut single, ‘Studio54’, is dark, enchanting, and effortlessly glamorous, with an essence of experience that somehow makes her sound like an already established artist: confidently and assuredly brilliant. Her follow-up single to this, ‘Like The Way’, is similarly luxurious, a shadowy yet expressive musical experience, and easily lives up to the high standard set by her debut.

Eloïse’s vocals have been likened to Hannah Reid (of London Grammar) and Banks, and her music has been very well-received so far, seeing attention from BBC Introducing in particular. And rightly so, as both her singles are very impressive – especially as she’s produced them throughout Sixth Form, which I found a difficult enough two years of my life in themselves. A wonderful musician with plentiful potential which you’ll see her achieving this year; we’re delighted to be featuring her as our first ‘Sound of 2017’ artist!

And as she’s Suffolk-born, just like me, what’s not to love?


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