Sound of 2017: James Kruman

Our second special feature of this year is showcasing the talents of UK lo-fi, alt-rock artist James Kruman.

Hailing from Middlesbrough but now Manchester-based, James released his new album ‘Twitch’ last month, and its striking unpredictability and timeless melancholy secure it as one of the most memorable albums I’ve heard recently, and secure James as a musician on the up. The disorientating sounds of ‘Mahalo Mahaylo’, acoustic simplicity of ‘When The Darkness Comes’, and beautifully sombre notes of ‘Suicide Song’ produce a piece of artwork that is irrevocably unique whilst still calling to mind artists such as Ian Curtis (of Joy Division), Lou Reed and Bob Dylan.

If you’re looking for ‘real alternative folk’ in the words of James Kruman himself, then look no further, for ‘Twitch’ is a mesmerising album, and one which will surely see Kruman emerge as a new and exciting figure within this genre this year.


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