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Previously known as DI/AM (Discover Indie/Alternative Music), INDISCOVER was founded in June 2013, and despite the name change, has been consistent in sharing the latest and greatest indie music since then. Although beginning just as a Facebook page, the bulk of features and articles are now published on this website, and after 4 years of reviewing and sharing a tonne of indie artists, I’m thrilled to have an audience of over 1,000 readers around the world.

INDISCOVER also offers coverage and exposure for artists seeking a greater listening base: if you’re in a band and would like the chance to be featured, or know of a band who would, please use the following submission form: http://discoverindiealternativemusic.weebly.com. (I aim to sort through submissions/emails at least weekly, but apologies if it takes a little longer – sometimes uni work gets on top of me!)

For other enquiries, mail to this address: discoverindiealternativemusic@gmail.com. 

– Hollie Griss (founder)



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