SONG FOR THE WEEKEND – On the Level by Mac Demarco

The absolute perfect combination of psychedelic, chilled-out vibes and indie feel-good. ‘On the Level’ is so slow and soft that it could probably put you into some kind of trance, but with its glitzy melody dashing in every so often it ends up hitting just the right balance. I’ve never raved about Mac Demarco before, but this new release is really on a new level, and we can’t stop listening to it.



Your weekend dose of fun, bubbly indie-pop is here, coming from one of our old Band of the Weeks, HABITATS. We used to post what was probably an excess of this kind of stuff, and have cut down recently to spread out a bit more, but this one put a smile on my face and I think it’s worth a listen just for that little mood-lift. Celebrate, it’s Good Friday – dance away to this sprightly new tune.

SONG FOR THE WEEKEND – Born Into The Sunset by Temples

Two weeks ago today, Temples returned with their second album ‘Volcano’, after a 3 year break since their debut release ‘Sun Structures’, and they’ve come back in all their summer-soaked psychedelic glory. ‘Born Into The Sunset’ is dazzling affair of crazy carousel sounds and vintage indie rock, the absolute perfect combination for the sudden sunny weather we’re having here in the UK. One of our top picks from the album, so great to have these guys back!

SONG FOR THE WEEKEND: ‘Double Dutch’ by Superfood

Last month saw the long-awaited return of psyche-indie rockers Superfood, with a very different style to what we’d been used to with their 2014 album ‘Don’t Say That’. Compared to the very fun, vibrant, upbeat sounds of ‘Mood Bomb’ and ‘Right on Satellite’, their new ‘Double Dutch’ is a lot more sombre and mature. At first, I wasn’t sure if this was a good thing, as it really didn’t feel like them at all, but its grown on me since. Their quirky side is still lurking in there, and they carry off this new move pretty well, and have made a very catchy tune. Prepare to be surprised if you haven’t heard it yet, but once you’re over that it’s a great listen.

SONG FOR THE WEEKEND: Big Picture by London Grammar

The second single to come from this transcendent trio in the run-up to their long-awaited second album. Majestic, elegant and effortlessly powerful, they’ve returned with just as beautiful a sound as ever. Hannah’s gliding vocals and an unmistakeably atmospheric instrumental will embrace and enlighten you on listening, pre-empting what is likely to be another outstanding album.

SONG FOR THE WEEKEND – Can You Deal? by Bleached

These LA girls have wasted no time in getting new music out after their 2016 album ‘Welcome the Worms’. They’ve burst in 2017 with brand new single ‘Can You Deal?’, as feisty, funky and cool as ever, full of vintage vibes and ecstatic energy. The first song I’ve heard this year that really carries an essence of summer, so if you’re stuck in the miserable ever-lasting winter of Britain like me, this song should help to lift you out of it a bit.

SONG FOR THE WEEKEND: Hallelujah Money by Gorillaz

In my nearly four years of blog writing, I’ve been waiting to be able to write a piece on new Gorillaz material: and finally that day has come. Perhaps not as upbeat as most of us expected it to be, but still, the darkly-layered, slightly off-beat instrumental, confusing manipulation of electronic sounds and gospel samples and the unmistakeable, tender vocals of Damon Albarn himself all form a distinctive Gorillaz sound. Despite being deemed by many as an ‘anti-Trump anthem’ and thought unlikely to appear on their actual comeback album, it is still definitively unique and exquisitely timed: a pure example of Albarn’s genius.

SONG FOR THE WEEKEND – Young Blood by The Naked And Famous

This weekend, our song has been chosen by guest writer Kean Fry (of Kean Writes All Day) – enjoy!

– ‘It would be an understatement to say that Young Blood was not only pivotal to my taste in music, but also my life as a whole. Using my powers of “guest writing”, I will explain why you should absolutely be jamming to The Naked and Famous this weekend.
Whilst Young Blood is more than a few years old at this point, it was positively fresh when it mattered most to me. It was my first girlfriend’s song which, by extension, also made it my song. Up until this point I had solely listened to some other such nonsense, but the pop punk vibes had infatuated me from the first moment I heard it. The indie electronic style is reminiscent of other great artists like MGMT and Foster the People, packed with similar bittersweet lyricisms.
This is all of course not mentioning that the song was also featured in SSX 2012, which has a superb soundtrack. Snowboarding to this song both in game and real life is an absolute necessity.’