Revision Soundtrack #5 – Baths

Baths’ weird, winding sounds are delicate enough to be background music, whilst being engaging enough to prevent any chance of you falling asleep during revision. ‘Animals’ and ‘Lovely Bloodflow’ are two of the most wonderful, timeless songs ever, incomparable to any other music forms, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Revision Soundtrack #2 – Believe by Airhead

Next up in our special revision features comes a song that is encouraging right from it’s name. The downtempo electronic beats are joined by only one lyric – “you got to believe in something” – and this simplistic combination makes for a song that is really quite motivating to work to. A rare track that will lift your mood without distracting you from revision.

Revision Soundtrack #1 – ODESZA

ODESZA’s entire catalogue is the absolute ideal music to revise to. Their dreamy electro-pop strikes a clean balance of being interesting and motivating without being too distracting: most of their songs are purely instrumental, meaning there’s no chance of accidentally singing along for an entire album or so without getting any work done. ‘How Did I Get Here’, ‘Koto’ and ‘Bloom’ are ones we particularly recommend, but really, you could put either of their albums on and get a good amount of revision done.

Sound of 2017: Pseudonym

The casual, glorious indie-rock solo project of Paul Desjarlais, whose mixup of various vintage decade sounds and psychedelic influences will serve to remind you of artists such as Zombies and the Flaming Lips.

‘Pack of Lies’, Pseudonym’s fifth release, dropped on New Year’s Day, and is one of those albums that will make you wonder why no-one has heard of this artist. Beginning with the short intro song ‘i’m fine’, the album begins on a fairly subdued note, but soon livens up with the likes of ‘all the little things’, ‘i don’t care about love’ and ‘lorraine’ – the latter reminding us particularly of 80s indie bands such as The Stone Roses and The Smiths. The album is still not without it’s simplistic, tender moments, however – ‘we had a deal’ and ‘she’s upside down’ provide a gentle, reflective section.

A very interesting album and artist well-deserving of a wider audience, and the conclusion to our Sound of 2017 features!

Sound of 2017: RAYNE

A UK-based indie/electro outfit who are using 2017 to get their music across to the world, with many live dates planned and a new album set to be released.

Their most recent single, ‘Subject A’, is an energy-packed whirlwind of alt-rock guitar and indie vocals. Confident and assured, RAYNE clearly produced this track knowing it was something good, and the resulting effect is that it feels like you’re listening to a band already enjoying high success in the music world. And, undoubtedly this is what they will come to experience, if 2017 proves to be as good a year for them as it’s set up to be.

Upbeat but without being too in-your-face, ‘Subject A’ is a great tune, especially for those of you who prefer the more rock side of indie music. Give it a listen and watch out for their upcoming album ‘Complex by Design’.