Mysterious, R&B-soul group whose music holds a rare intimacy that is truly special to listen to. I was lucky enough to catch them at Live at Leeds at the weekend, and the atmosphere and their entire set was the smoothest I saw all day. Their songs ‘Five Minutes’, ‘Swim’ and ‘Quite Like’ are ones you’ll fall in love with instantly, and once you’ve given them a listen it won’t be long before you’ll be listening to their slower, softer sounds in ‘Union’ and ‘Blossom Roses’. A beautiful young band who know the exact sound and image they want to present.

SONG FOR THE WEEKEND – On the Level by Mac Demarco

The absolute perfect combination of psychedelic, chilled-out vibes and indie feel-good. ‘On the Level’ is so slow and soft that it could probably put you into some kind of trance, but with its glitzy melody dashing in every so often it ends up hitting just the right balance. I’ve never raved about Mac Demarco before, but this new release is really on a new level, and we can’t stop listening to it.

UPCOMER: Silver Rose

Dream-pop musician whose latest release, a self-titled EP, is a wonderful six-track journey of vintage shoegaze. It begins with ‘Suenos de Amor’, a track brimming with rock vibes and carefree attitude – capturing the essence of the rest of the tunes to follow. Her third track, ‘Take Me Home’, is doing really well with listeners and has a brilliant video to accompany it on YouTube, filled with an array of the exact images and aesthetics you would associate with her sound. Silver Rose is a really indiviudal, promising young artist.

UPCOMER: Trapdoor Social

Three or four upcomers in the space of about a week? Yep, I’m on Easter break. But Trapdoor Social are a lot different to what we’ve been posting recently – with far slower, emotive music coming from them. They released the video for their single ‘Great Lake’ a couple of weeks ago, and its very well-produced, artistic nature, paints a beautiful backdrop for the accompanying mellow, understated song. With music along the lines of Massive Attack and The XX, you can’t really go wrong.

UPCOMER: Vox Eagle

Indie-psych pop from an Aussie-American duo. Their latest single, ‘No Sleep’, is bursting full of tropical vibes, putting you in a real happy, holiday spirit. It’s a fun, cheery tune without being too in-your-face or cheesy, transcending the line between chill-out music and indie pop in one clean movement. And if you enjoy this track, then there’s even more good news – they’ve also just released an EP to go with it, so take a listen to that as well!


Your weekend dose of fun, bubbly indie-pop is here, coming from one of our old Band of the Weeks, HABITATS. We used to post what was probably an excess of this kind of stuff, and have cut down recently to spread out a bit more, but this one put a smile on my face and I think it’s worth a listen just for that little mood-lift. Celebrate, it’s Good Friday – dance away to this sprightly new tune.


Brilliant indie rock band out of LA whose fresh new single is extremely impressive and infectious. Produced by Eric Lilavois, who has worked with the likes of Saint Motel and Atlas Genius, it’s up to a high standard, and on listening you’d think they were an established, well-known band if you didn’t know otherwise. Very promising for their future music career – check them out before the world does.