UPCOMER – Eloïse

A singer/songwriter who we featured earlier this year as one of our ‘Sound of 2017’ artists to watch out for, and has only gone on to create further exciting music since then. Her enchantingly dark debut single ‘Studio54’ was extremly impressive, as was ‘Like the Way’, and her latest single ‘California’, doesn’t disappoint as a follow-up to these. Elegant, assertive, and with a vocal aura reminiscent of the luxurious sounds of First Aid Kit, it’s another incredible track boding very well for her upcoming debut EP ‘Marie Antoinette’. Look out for future London-based gigs from her this summer.



A fun, vintage-spiced track from boyfriend/girlfriend indie-pop duo SUGARHOUSE, appropriately being released on cassette tape this coming Friday (May 5th).

‘Love Anyone Else’ is the debut single from SUGARHOUSE, and is an enchanting listen from start to finish. Endearing yet feisty vocals compliment the instrumental combo of ditzy synths and breezy guitar, and its overall hazey, sun-kissed feel completely defines the essence of summer. The pair themselves met in the summer, at Reading Festival 2014, so perhaps the balmy, nostalgic element of their music spirals from their memorable first weekend together a few years ago.

The cassette is being released by Sad Club Records, a London-based, independent label, and although you may be thinking its been a while since you last bought a cassette tape, its definitely worth re-commencing your cassette collection – or even beginning one – with ‘Love Anyone Else’.


London artist whose chill, stripped-back songs carry an air of both nostalgia and warmth, which turn out to be quite a stunning combination. He’s been releasing music for 3 years, but I only heard him last year with single ‘Halfway to Nowhere’, which captured my attention immediately and should yours, too. Particularly if you enjoy Talos or FAVELA.


Beautiful acoustic artist out of London, whose currently small listening audience seems rather inadequate compared to the size of her enormous musical talent. Although her debut release came in 2014, with the ‘Waters EP’, I unfortunately did not discover her until a few weeks back, when I came across ‘Wars’, a single released last year, whilst spending a large portion of my day just browsing through countless playlists and artist pages on Spotify. The title track from her ‘Waters EP’ is a subtly powerful patchwork of passionate vocals and intensifying guitar, with intensely raw undertones which lie not only under this song, but in all her music. ‘Wars’ caught my attention with its HAIM-like vocal textures and a Daughter-like air of hushed mystery, together with an extraordinary ability to express the complexities of human nature and thought; and her most recent single ‘Run’ continues to hold these striking qualities, as her upcoming music likely will too.


Indie-pop act straight outta London, whose music is characterised by a tonne of vibrancy. They began releasing music a couple of years ago, debuting with ‘Begging Me To Come Back’, an intricate tune dotted with colourful melodies, yet I didn’t hear of them until the release of their beach-vibed single ‘Lovers’. The drifting, definitively indie feel to this song is wonderful, with the chorus/verse layout being particularly effective despite being really quite simplistic, and it definitely carries the essence of whiling away summer days with your closest friends. Since then, they’ve also blessed the music world with the glorious ‘Gently Let You Down’; a song that brings on feelings of nostalgia as well as happiness. These guys are on the up along with similar bands Sundara Karma and All Tvvins, bringing a fresh, psych-influenced, melodic face to indie rock!


London four-piece who you may remember from our previous ‘Song for the Weekend’ feature on their eclectic, lush single ‘Seafood’, from early last year. They’ve released a couple of fresh new psych-pop tunes since then, both of which are infused with the most contagiously fun vibes that instantly lift your spirits. The heavy, dance beats of ‘Flora’s chorus combined with intricate sounds and samples make it sound almost kind of disjointed, yet eccentrically groovy, and the subtle reggae elements of ‘Soft Like Clay’ demonstrate just how diverse this band’s world sound is. And in case you never got the chance to listen to ‘Seafood’, we described before how its ‘lush synths, variety in percussion and animal-like yelps build up an intriguing mosaic of sound….completely unique despite giving you the warm, joyous feeling of being reunited with something you’re familiar with’. Beautiful new band whose music you’ll love if you’re a fan of TV Girl, Vampire Weekend or Only Real.


West London band whose music has an almost physical presence, like you can actually feel it drifting nearby and swirling around your eardrums. Indie and electronic elements mix together in an ethereal manner, in a way that feels both distant and familiar simultaneously. This is particularly so in ‘Heaven’, a song that was originally written as a tribute to lead singer Nancy’s mother (who passed away while she was young), and this backstory is perhaps the reason for the conflicting senses of closeness and distance emulated through the beautiful sounds in this song. ‘Heaven’ was released alongside ‘Friday Sky’ on the band’s debut EP earlier this year, and ‘Friday Sky is just as full of meaning and feeling with its soulful vocals, surrounded and camouflaged by varying layers of expressive melodies. Babeheaven have several appearances around the UK lined up for the a summer, include a slot at Latitude, so you should definitely fit them into your set schedule if you’re planning on attending.

SONG FOR THE WEEKEND – Speechless by Barli

Beautifully sorrowful soul from this London artist. Right from the first piano note to the fading strings at the end, BARLI creates stunningly the lonely, lost feeling you get from overthinking in the dead of night, instantly emotionally attaching you to her artful music. Her soulful, tender vocals tell of personal heartbreak, rejection and confusion, and you might just find yourself listening to her story with teary eyes – especially with her whispering style of singing, mirroring thoughts in your head. What’s for certain is that the chorus lyric “They say I should move on, ‘cos you’re in love with her” will echo hauntingly around your head long after listening, acting as a reminder of the terrible beauty BARLI creates in this song.


An alt-shoegaze trio from Utrecht, the Netherlands, whose latest single ‘What Have You’ is an absolute wonder to listen to. Its progressive indie melodies are so simple, but something we haven’t had enough of in music recently – BAMBI, a London band who have sadly seem to have been musically inactive the last couple of years, used to do it just as beautifully (go check out ‘All Along’ and ‘The Voice In Us’!), but no-one’s really caught my attention as much as them, until Stillwave. They have a tonne of other singles, most recently ‘From Here’ and ‘Tarmac Plains’, filled with majestic, Editors-like vocals, and so if they sound like your kinda thing, go ahead and give them a listen!


Irresistibly feel-good euphonious pop from the London-based singer Scott Verrill. He started releasing tunes as ‘KYKO’ last year, although it wasn’t until his single ‘Native’ (released March this year) that he really caught my attention. ‘Native’, put quite simply, is one of those colourful explosions of blissful melodies and rich vocals, in its purest form – effortlessly soul-cheering to listen to. Gotta admit, some of the vocal chants remind me of the ‘Send Me On My Way’ song from Ice Age – if you’ve ever watched it, you’ll definitely see where I’m coming from! ‘Pull Me Up’, a single from last year, is equally as loveable as ‘Native’ – despite not being as joyous, it’s got a certain dramatic atmosphere that really draws you in. Also worth giving his debut EP ‘Animals’ a listen. He’s one I’m predicting great things for!