UPCOMER – Chris Kelly & Nicole Gibson

Montreal pop duo whose new single, ‘Ghost of You’, deserves a lot more listens. The pair started off their music careers through uploading a variety of covers on YouTube, ranging from Linkin Park to Leonard Cohen, but in the last couple of months have began recording and releasing their own originals. Their debut single ‘Out of the Dark’ is a vocal-driven, powerful song, blending piano and guitar in a way that mirrors their influences whilst reinventing it into their own style. Their recently released second single ‘Ghost of You’ is slightly softer then their debut, with a beautifully produced video to accompany it, and proves that they’re just as good – if not better – at writing their own tracks as they are at covering other songs. Look out for their upcoming ‘Out of the Dark’ EP!


SINGLE RELEASE: End of the Night by Pin Up

We first featured this pop/rock Montreal band nearly 2 years ago now, and just as we thought they would they’ve gone on to make even more amazing music and increased their following by an impressive amount.

Their latest single, ‘End of the Night’, is a catchy, fun, pop-fuelled piece, accompanied by an explosive video which is just as well-produced as the track itself. Contagious and energetic, it’s exactly what you want to be listening to when you’re in need of a quick mood boost. Pin Up have polished their sound and image to an exact representation of them and what they’re about – confident, vibrant, and with their own definitive style.


Pop/rock band from Montreal, who released their self-titled debut EP in July of this year. Consisting of five, very professional sounding tunes, the EP is a refreshing and interesting journey through their own brand of Canadian rock, each song giving off totally different vibes and influences to the next. ‘Wake Me Up’ features a searing pop chorus, as does ‘Let Up’ and ‘Letter After Letter’, yet the latter two carry far more of an indie approach. ‘Wedding Song’ and ‘Faded’ are the couple of token slower songs that every EP has, and are arguably the ones which show off the vocals the best, bringing the EP to a gentle conclusion. An awesome blend of indie pop and rock, to satisfy both your inner hipster and guilty pop pleasures.http://www.pinupband.com/music