Revision Soundtrack #3 – Röyksopp

My ultimate go-to music for studying for years. Their debut album ‘Melody AM’ may now be 16 years old, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less sensational or inspiring. Wonderful music not just for revision, but for life also – you can never tire of this Norwegian duo’s warm, spacey, downbeat electronica.



So, you know that beautiful collaboration that took place a short while ago between Portico and alt-J’s Joe Newman, and resulted in ‘101’? Well, ever since then I’ve been looking for something similar to that stunning piece of hallucinatory indie to listen to, and recently I’ve finally found it in euphoric UK trio Haelos’ latest single, ‘DUST’. Shadowy and mysterious, the pattering intro sets the tone for the rest of the tune. The intertwining of male vocals with angelic female vocals creates a hypnotic crescendo that is both enchanting and deeply dark, infusingly stunning to listen to. Just like with ‘101’, I now can’t get enough of ‘DUST’.  HAELOS have been likened to The XX, Massive Attack and Portishead, and they are also obviously similar to Portico, as well as hosting elements of the ambient trip-hop of Royksopp and Moby.