A fun, vintage-spiced track from boyfriend/girlfriend indie-pop duo SUGARHOUSE, appropriately being released on cassette tape this coming Friday (May 5th).

‘Love Anyone Else’ is the debut single from SUGARHOUSE, and is an enchanting listen from start to finish. Endearing yet feisty vocals compliment the instrumental combo of ditzy synths and breezy guitar, and its overall hazey, sun-kissed feel completely defines the essence of summer. The pair themselves met in the summer, at Reading Festival 2014, so perhaps the balmy, nostalgic element of their music spirals from their memorable first weekend together a few years ago.

The cassette is being released by Sad Club Records, a London-based, independent label, and although you may be thinking its been a while since you last bought a cassette tape, its definitely worth re-commencing your cassette collection – or even beginning one – with ‘Love Anyone Else’.


SINGLE RELEASE: ‘Right Beside You’ by PATHS

A glitzy, eclectic fresh pop release from this alt-pop female artist we commended for her single ‘Neoprene’ just three weeks ago. ‘Right Beside You’ meets and soars over any standards set by her previous release; a professionally written and produced track beaming ecstasy and a sparkling array of synths. Unsurprisingly supported by BBC Radio 1 and Clash Magazine, PATHS proves herself again to be very talented and an artist to be watching this year.