Revision Soundtrack #2 – Believe by Airhead

Next up in our special revision features comes a song that is encouraging right from it’s name. The downtempo electronic beats are joined by only one lyric – “you got to believe in something” – and this simplistic combination makes for a song that is really quite motivating to work to. A rare track that will lift your mood without distracting you from revision.


VIDEO RELEASE: Syncope by Bitch Falcon

Bitch Falcon, the Dublin trio we featured a few weeks ago, have just recently dropped a new video for their effortlessly cool new single Syncope. The video completely matches their grungey, gutsy image and sound, full of carefree, rebellious attitude. And the song in itself is just as brilliant as their previous one ‘Clutch’ – if you enjoyed them from our last feature, you can’t miss checking this out.

SINGLE RELEASE: End of the Night by Pin Up

We first featured this pop/rock Montreal band nearly 2 years ago now, and just as we thought they would they’ve gone on to make even more amazing music and increased their following by an impressive amount.

Their latest single, ‘End of the Night’, is a catchy, fun, pop-fuelled piece, accompanied by an explosive video which is just as well-produced as the track itself. Contagious and energetic, it’s exactly what you want to be listening to when you’re in need of a quick mood boost. Pin Up have polished their sound and image to an exact representation of them and what they’re about – confident, vibrant, and with their own definitive style.

SONG FOR THE WEEKEND – Honey Sweet by Blossoms

Firstly, can we just appreciate how euphonious even the title of this song is? ‘Honey Sweet’, by ‘Blossoms’. You just know a song is gonna be good when it’s named something like that. The track is, of course, from this British band’s debut album, and despite not yet having as much recognition as their more popular tracks (e.g. ‘Charlemagne’, ‘At Most A Kiss’ and ‘Getaway’), it’s understated brilliance makes it even more appealing to listen to. Its harmonious chiming intro fades away into Tom Ogden’s soft vocals as the tune progresses into an indie-pop/rock wonderland, whilst remaining sweetly delicate in comparison to other songs by similar bands, like Catfish and the Bottlemen and Circa Waves. If you only have time to listen to a couple of the band’s new songs rather than the full album, make sure this one is included.

SONG FOR THE WEEKEND – Silhouette by Aquilo

Despite its release date being April Fools day, this song is no joke. The sincere simplicity of soft piano and vocals introduces the tune, before being accompanied by ethereal strings and a majestic drum beat, progressively building the song in waves and eventually reaching a stunning crescendo. Gives the feeling of rising high above a striking landscape of mountains and natural beauty. A great feat from this British duo, as their usual understated elegance permeates your mind through their exquisite music. Perfect for Jaymes Young & Lapsley fans seeking some new listening!

SONG FOR THE WEEKEND – Youth by Glass Animals

So towards the end of July it was already beginning to feel like ages since Glass Animals had announced their return with vibrant new single ‘Life Itself’, and I don’t know about you but I was getting pretty desperate for more new material and so was super happy when they announced the release of ‘Youth’. More laid-back than ‘Life Itself’ yet still with the
band’s staple ethnic touches, ‘Youth’ is a bewildering world of intricate instrumental layering, Dave’s woozy vocals and tender waves of nostalgia mixed in with regret – fitting it’s accompanying video perfectly. In case you don’t guess from watching the video, their upcoming album ‘How To Be A Human Being’ is a concept album, hence the new video follows on from the ‘Life Itself’ one, and when pieced with the song lyrics strings together a narrative which is still confusing to try to understand at this stage yet utterly mesmerising. Glass Animals are truly proving their reputation as ‘artists’ with this new music, and their upcoming second album will undoubtedly be one of the most exciting releases in music this year.

SONG FOR THE WEEKEND – Are We Ready? (Wreck) by Two Door Cinema Club

Last month saw yet another legendary band make a long-awaited return, after a 4-year gap since their last album, ‘Beacon’. Can you believe it was that long ago? Despite this depressingly long amount of time since we last heard new music from the Northern Irish trio, we were all delighted to hear that the band’s sound hadn’t changed at all. ‘Are We Ready? (Wreck)’ still holds all the band’s staple quirks, with electro-pop melodies running throughout, all permeated by Alex Trimble’s distinctive vocals and some joyous cheer samples. There’s been a huge amount of new music from bands we haven’t heard from for a while this year, but this is a truly epic comeback from the lads, and a song not to be missed!

SONG FOR THE WEEKEND – Phantoms by Low Roar

A stunning piece from this dreamy folk artist. Although originally from California, Ryan Joseph Karazija began making music as Low Roar after living in and experiencing the strange loneliness of Reykjavik, Iceland, thus explaining the chilling, melancholic undertones that haunt his songs. ‘Phantoms’ is a track from his 2014 album ‘0’, and emulates a peculiarly wistful atmosphere that lingers in your soul long after listening, as wistful vocals drift aimlessly over nostalgic guitar. Rather unlike anything I’ve listened to before, and I believe the magic of it could be dismantled if over-analysed, therefore I’ll leave you to listen and experience this beautiful song as it should be.

SONG FOR THE WEEKEND – Annie by Neon Indian

A rare gem found amidst the odd mix of tunes that Spotify puts together ‘personally’ for you in the Discover Weekly playlist. Although this American musician has been around for a few years now, I hadn’t actually gotten round to giving his 2015 album ‘VEGA INTL. Night School’ a listen yet, until I came across the most popular single from it, ‘Annie’. Filled with an eclectic, extravagant mix of synths that seem to alternate every few seconds – and surprisingly enough sound really good – and indie vocals, Neon Indian has really made a great tune with this one, and you’ll likely put it straight into your holiday playlist after listening: it emulates such a positive, summery feel! Think Youth Lagoon but a lil’ more jazzy and a lot more upbeat.